Welcome To FIG Metal

FIG Metal Industries Sdn. Bhd. is primarily involved in trading ferrous, non-ferrous and precious metal as its core business. Since its establishment in 1995, FIG has expanded its business and operational activities into recycling production scrap material for the domestic market as well as for the overseas market.

FIG Metal has a reasonable turnover of RM 80,000,000 with the growth up to 15% per-year. The recycling capacity of the company is estimated to be approximately 60,000 metric tonnes of productions waste materials per-annum.

We at FIG Metal are constantly working continuous improvement, committing ourselves in the meeting the needs of our client, as well as to instill environmental awareness within our community.

FIG Metal maintains and operates its own fleet of trucks and equipment, together with a few chosen reliable business sources to provide quality services to our clients. The FIG team, which includes a strong marketing/ sales workforce, an excellent management group and an effective and dependable operations crew, together, work towards our vision for a better environment in the future.

Our Mission

FIG Metal Industries Sdn. Bhd. core policy is to strive constantly in being an industrial leader in the metal recycling industry by providing quality customer service and competitive pricing to all our clients.

Our Vision

To remain on the forefront of changes in the scrap metal business, putting the customers first in any business relationship and working towards providing to the quality scrap metal industry as whole. With a combination of competitive pricing and unbeatable services, FIG Metal Industries Sdn. Bhd. will be the obvious choice for all scrap needs.